Climate Keepers Needed

On the one hand, climate change is a reality.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen to unprecedented levels. Carbon dioxide interferes in the way infrared energy is exchanged in the atmosphere, which has caused the overall temperature of the planet to rise at an alarming rate.

On the other hand, humanity’s energy needs continue to grow.

There are increasingly more people with increasingly more devices connected for ever-increasing lengths of time. Exponential growth in the use of electricity can only be sustained by unlimited energy.

Even though it is infinite,
Nature’s energy
should not be wasted

Energy sources, such as wind, light, or water. As a champion of renewable energy, Portugal is well acquainted with the energy that comes from the natural elements.

To harness Nature’s energy in the most efficient way, transform it in the most competent manner, and guarantee its accessibility to all.

Hence, Finerge’s contribution to humanity.

Geothermal Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Energy
Wind Energy

Eco means home.

Ecology and economy. Two ways of looking at the same thing:
our home, our planet.

What if these two forces worked together in a symbiotic way? What if the protection of the former led to the growth of the latter?

Finerge sets an example to follow: more infrastructures, more jobs, more development for rural areas, more measures to protect endangered species, and fewer greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

More energy, yes, but also, and essentially, better energy.

Europe has clear objectives to reduce its environmental footprint, and so does Portugal: the country aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

With science leading the way, Finerge finds the most efficient way to harness and transform Nature’s power.

The result is cleaner energy with a positive impact on today’s reality – socially, environmentally, and economically.

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