Climate Keepers Needed

On the one hand, humanity faces an unprecedent climate crisis

Climate change represents an unavoidable challenge for the next decade, with irreversible impacts on people, the environment and the economy. In the last years, temperatures reached historical heights, various countries faced periodes of extreme droughts and excessive atmosphere events caused dozens of natural disasters, resulting in the migration of millions of people, food insecurity, arise in extreme poverty, loss of jobs and serious public health issues.

On the other hand, humanity’s energy needs continue to grow.

An overwhelming majority of global energy production is still dependent on fossil fuels. Demographic trends, contemporary societal consumption habits, and electrification of the economy point to a 30 % increase in energy demand by 2040.


Renewable Electricity production is the central vector for decarbonizing the economy while actively contributing to maintaining global warming below 1.5 degrees by the end of the century.

While being infinite,
renewable energy
should not be wasted

Energy sources, such as wind, light, or water. As a champion of renewable energy, Portugal is well acquainted with the energy that comes from the natural elements.


Geothermal Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Energy
Wind Energy

Eco means home.

Ecology and economy. Two ways of looking at the same thing:
our home - our planet.

What if these two forces worked together in a symbiotic way? What if protecting the former led to growth in the latter?

Leading by example, Finerge is contributing to a low carbon society, with safe and modern infrastructure, green and inclusive jobs, more competitive rural areas and resilient natural ecosystems.

YES to more energy...specially BETTER energy

Europe and Portugal have clear objectives to reduce its environmental footprint, aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

With science leading the way, Finerge finds the most efficient way to harness and transform Nature’s power.

The result is cleaner energy, which drives to a more equitable society, modern and competitive economy.

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